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Methodologies Toolbox

Methodologies Toolbox

NOVELDO works with tried and tested methodologies to get the most out of digitalization projects. Although all our methodologies have proven successful, every project has its own specific requirements that require an initial strategic evaluation of the most adequate methodology.


Meaningful collaboration is the currency of successfully empowered teams. We help you to identify, evaluate and introduce the digital communication and collaboration methods and tools that best suit your needs. This leads to satisfying and enriching employee experiences.


Competitiveness is a function of corprate agility. Successful management requires project-based task forces, cross-functional expertise as well as adaptiveness to change. In our workshops, we empower your teams and design a blueprint for establishing corporate agility.

LEGO Serious Play

LEGO Serious Play is a workshop format that gathers people around an issue, temporarily dissolves hierarchies and fosters the development of joint solutions. It is best suited for goal definitions, team-building or to elicit honest feedback from every member of a team.  


Gamification fosters motivation by harnessing the human instinct to play. Our gamification workshops provide an overview of the corporate uses of this method and identify your potential for gamifying employee experiences, marketing or learning environments.

Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing methodology is all about attracting potential customers by offering content that is both relevant and helpful. It focusses on the customers' needs, seeking to provide prospects with added value throughout the entire customer experience.


Scrum is one of the best known frameworks for agile development and organisation management. In our interactive workshops, we introduce the basics of the Scrum framework and help you to become a more agile, more respnsive organisation or team. 

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative process that can be used to tackle any problem in collaborative fashion. It fosters human-centered solutions that are both innovative and economically viable. Our design thinking workshops  spotlight your people's individual strengths and skills.

Software Toolbox

Software Toolbox

Information accumulates with great speed in the digital age. NOVELDO boasts expertise in a great range of tools and software that can be employed to reach diverse digitalization goals. Offering strategic and operational support, NOVELDO assists companies in identifying and evaluating digital methods and tools for the internal sharing of data, documents and knowledge.

Marketing Tools


HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service software. The software has evolved into an all-encompassing solution for the implementation of digital marketing and sales strategies.


WordPress is an open-source content management system that has grown to become one of the most popular website and blogging content management system available today.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports traffic and user behavior on websites and mobile apps.

Google for Jobs

Google brings together job postings from across the web, from websites run by small businesses and job sites with thousands of listings. This helps job seekers easily find their next job directly in Search. 


Shopify is a commerce platform for starting, growing, and manageing a business. It enables the creation and customization of online stores and is integrable at multiple locations.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other sites across the web. 

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

The LinkedIn Campaign Manager is the tool used for the creation of LinkedIn Ads accounts and campaigns. It allows users to manage campaigns, gather reporting on campaign performance, and more.

Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that Facebook makes available to companies and advertisers. The tool is used to manage pages and advertising accounts.

Twitter Ads Manager

The Twitter Ads Manager provides a central workspace to plan, manage, and report on campaigns within the platform.

XING Marketing Solutions

XING Marketing Solutions offers target-group-specific advertising formats to convey messages in the XING professional environment.


SurveyMonkey is an online survey software that helps to create and run professional online surveys.

Communiation and Collaboration Tools

Office 365

Communication and collaboration are often supported by specialized IT-systems such as mail-clients or intranet-sites. Office 365 is a package providing many different tools, supporting nearly every aspect of internal and external collaboration.


A part of Office 365, Teams is the central teamwork hub, featuring chat and call functionalities, easy access to data storage and task-management. Teams is easily one of the most prominent tools in the O365 Suite.


SharePoint has been a staple in many companies for a long time. Now part of Office 365, SharePoint online is available also to smaller companies without large IT-teams, facilitating data storage and co-authoring across organisations.

G Suite

Similar to Office 365, Google's G-Suite offers a package of collaboration tools. The great strength of G-Suite lies in its flexibility and ease of use, being a less customizable and less controlled environment.


Every company should use a task management solution of some shape or form. Monday is one of the most popular solutions in this area. It is an asset in project organization and allows employees to easily assign and track their tasks.  


Chatting is doubtlessly the most popular way of communication today. While Office users might tend to Teams, Slack is more versatile regarding add-ons and add-ins. It helps bring teams up to speed and facilitate efficient ways of working. 

Enterprise Tools


Single-Sign-On (SSO) tools create one single, integrated access all relevant company apps. This way employees don't have to remember an entire list of passwords and IT handling gets easier. 


As an applicant management software, Prescreen maps recruiting processes along the entire applicant's journey, enables flexible process design and provides a simple user interface. 


Livestorm is a browser-based webinar software used to share real-time live streams. It can be used for remote live meetings, product demos, sales webinars, online lessons and onboarding sessions.