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Uncovering the 5 Truths Behind Your Unsuccessful B2B Sales

Uncovering the 5 Truths Behind Your Unsuccessful B2B Sales

Our new ebook has collected the most efficient, practical tips to optimize your marketing and to get your company the revenue it deserves. It is your guide through the marketing jungle and helps you identify the weaknesses of your online appearance by combining the latest research on customer acquisition and retention with practical tips and guidelines to help you and your company grow.

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Better Digital. Better Business.

Get to know us and learn more about what we do. In this video, our Managing Director Sebastian Schieke explains how NOVELDO can help your company master digitalization. Learn all about how digital strategy, transformation, marketing and sales come together to form the one of the best digitalization consultancies in Frankfurt am Main. 

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Collaboration Suite – Establishing a new way of team collaboration

The Change and Communication initiative for the Evonik Collaboration Suite was a real success for Evonik and for NOVELDO as consultants, bringing together competence about collaboration principles and products, experience about change processes and combining it with a down to earth attitude to be in contact with users of various levels in the organization.

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