Next Level Workshops

Next Level Workshops by NOVELDO

NOVELDO offers strategic workshops for companies with visions and the will to implement these. In workshops the primary goal is to define a common direction by stimulating and discussing the knowledge and experience of the participants. Thus, workshops form the basis for successful corporate goals. 

LEGO Serious Play Workshop by NOVELDO

LEGO Serious Play

LEGO Serious Play is a method for promoting reflection, communication and problem solving in companies and teams. In workshops, participants are guided through a series of questions, building their own 3D LEGO models from selected LEGO elements based on the moderator's questions. NOVELDO's certified LSP experts have a sound education and numerous references from start-ups to international corporations. 

Design Thinking Workshop by NOVELDO

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative process that can be used to tackle any problem in collaborative fashion. It teases out the knowledge of cross-departmental and interdisciplinary teams and unites individual points of view in pursuit of a common goal. It fosters human-centered solutions that are both innovative and economically viable. Adopt the processes of design thinking, spotlighting your people's individual strengths and skills.

Agile Workshop by NOVELDO


Agility is an essential element of competitiveness. Successful organizations increasingly require project-based task forces, cross-functional expertise as well as adaptiveness to change. Agile teams respond well to new challenges, source diverse skills, self-organize efficiently and achieve better results. Empower your teams and design a blueprint for establishing corporate agility.

Innovation Workshop by NOVELDO


An innovation workshop serves to find tangible ideas for innovations and develop preliminary concepts together in a team. With all participants being clear about the framework conditions of the workshop, ideas are generated, concepts developed and evaluated in several loops in exercises. The moderator serves as an impulse generator to guide the process in a creative yet structured fashion.

Gamification Workshop by NOVELDO


Any task can be fun when you turn it into a game. Gamification increases your employees' attention levels and intrinsic motivation by harnessing the human instinct to play. Gamified training, for instance, is both effective and entertaining, while boosting retention rates at the same time. This method can be put to a variety of corporate uses, unleashing great potential for employee enjoyment, motivation and productivity.

Communication Workshop by NOVELDO


Improving communication is one of the best ways to enhance individual and organizational performance. This is particularly important in an international environment. During the workshop, participants will learn how to build arguments, which is the foundation of a strong argumentation. It will help developing the ability to communicate effectively in discussions.

Next Level Toolbox

Next Level Toolbox

The successful implementation of digital strategies and methods requires the use of suitable methodologies and tools. NOVELDO has expertise in a variety of instruments.

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