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Today's Marketing and Sales Challenges


While all business activities should be based on sound strategies, many firms struggle with the changing conditions of their business environments. They can easily fall behind in a number of areas.

Visibility in the Crowd

Many businesses face the challenge of standing out of the crowd – especially in busy marketplaces, boasting not only an abundance of supply, but also an affluence of marketing messages. 

Conversion Path

Attracting prospects is only the first of many steps. Converting prospects into leads and leads into customers remains a great challenge, especially for businesses that do not have an underlying strategy.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales misalignment is a sad truth for many companies, putting roadblocks into otherwise well-functioning processes. A shared strategic goal is key, besides well functioning communication streams between the departments.

Legal Framework

It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with rigorous legal circumstances such as data privacy and security regulations. Businesses dealing within Europe especially have seen many new strains related to the new GDPR regulations.


Once the right strategy has been defined, a resourceful implementation is key to successful marketing and sales. While some companies have resources aplenty, others might want to stay more flexible in terms of workforce and project execution. Working with a partner can be a great asset.

Limited Know-How

Especially in areas where knowledge is ever evolving, it is a challenge to keep a workforce up-to-speed with new approaches and developments.

Limited Resources

Fixed duration projects and projects that need to be kept flexible often require changing amounts of manpower, which complicates human resource planning.


Having the right tools for the job is vital for a proper and efficient implementation. However, choosing the right set of tools can be a complex process involving many strategic and tactical considerations.

Measurability of Actions

Many modern marketing and sales methods allow for precise data analysis – in theory at least. Identifying and processing the right data to find out which measures really work is a challenge to many organizations.

Oversupply of Software

Choosing the right technology is becoming more complex as new software and solutions are shooting up like mushrooms. As solutions are becoming more inclusive, an overlap of functionalities must be included in the calculation.

New Technologies

Technological change will never again be as slow as it is today, experts say. Keeping up with new technologies such as AI and new customer expectations requires an open mind for new technologies as well as potentially huge investments.

Next Level Marketing and Sales Solutions

Digital marketing is not just about smart campaigns; it's about making a compelling first impression and delivering real value. The perfect strategic implementation calls for a mix of cutting-edge methods. NOVELDO offers expertise in a range of digital marketing and sales techniques based on commonly defined goals and framework conditions.

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Digital Marketing Strategies

Content and design without focus will not deliver results. To achieve your marketing goals, your brand's digital presence needs the support of both clever campaign initiatives and a consistent plan of action. We create custom-fit strategies that make achieving those goals a piece of cake.

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Brand Building

Great branding is just the right mix of personality, power, clarity, and a dash of 'it factor.' Established and new brands alike struggle to find the perfect balance of these ingredients, putting them at a disadvantage. The brands we build are relatable, balanced, and just the right amount of dynamic. 

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Lead Generation

A functional lead and demand generation strategy is the key to successful digital sales. Intrigue prospects by creating content that echoes their unique needs and wins their trust. Anticipate the buyer's journey by meeting them where they are most comfortable. Then, you can close with ease and confidence.

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Content Marketing

The words you publish online have real value. A strong content strategy uses detailed buyer personas to address customer pain points and to nurture leads at different stages of the buyer's journey. We help you create content that initiates meaningful connections with leads and that reflects your expertise.

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Social Media

Social media channels offer brands the wonderful opportunity to meet buyers on their home turf. Social media both provides a wide potential reach and the chance to communicate with leads in personalized ways. We leverage social media to help brands tell their story in their own unique voice. 

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Website Design

A a responsive, user friendly website is the cornerstone of every good digital marketing strategy. It should be easy to browse, comfortable to read, and engaging to explore. We work with you to build unforgettable user experiences that send visitors seamlessly through the buyer's journey.


Video Marketing

Video content has unmatched pulling power across online platforms. It has become much more than an embellishment to corporate websites: Now that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all offering video integration, video content is an essential ingredient in any marketing strategy.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important strategies for effective online marketing. It is a long-term marketing activity that includes technical and creative elements. SEO helps your website rank high in organic results in search engines such as Google, guiding more visitors to your website.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is considered one of the most important and powerful tools for increasing reach. It provides a solid foundation for customer acquisition and complements traditional search engine optimization (SEO). SEM is primarily, but not exclusively, carried out on Google.

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Digital Sales Strategies

Selling has never been easier. Customer discovery, communication, and satisfaction are seamless and organic using inbound sales tools. But be careful not to stretch your strategy too thin–you need a trusted partner to navigate this saturated landscape without losing site of your goals. 

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Marketing Automation

Automating means your marketing platform does the hard work, so you can focus on growing your business. Custom workflows qualify lead data, match leads to buyer personas, and nurture them with customized content. Buyers that feel special will come back for more. 

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Lead Nurturing

Discover the power of your content library. Take lead nurturing to a new level by echoing the diversity of your customers with your content. Using your branding and buyer personas as a blueprint, build an archive of resources that customers find delightfully engaging and helpful. 

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Social Selling

Offer your prospects more than just a sales call over Facebook Messenger. Capitalize on the wide organic reach and potential of social media by answering customer questions in real time, and continuing to share content they have interest in while they travel through the buyer's journey. 

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CRM Solutions

Relying on a spreadsheet just doesn't cut it anymore. Customers expect personalized communication, so you need an integrated digital solution for contact management. With a CRM, you can manage client data, optimize your sales process, analyze key metrics, and effortlessly improve your numbers. 

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Social Media Advertising

With social ads, companies can place their message directly in front of their target group and encourage them to engage with their content on social media platforms. Large platforms have their own campaign management systems with a range of targeting options. 

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Employer Branding

Employer branding tells the job market and the world at large about your singular qualities as an employer. It is a crucial communication strategy for all companies wishing to ensure the perfect cultural fit between their corporate culture and their employees' values, goals and priorities.

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Digital Recruiting

Digital recruiting harnesses the potential of the most popular, most frequented digital advertising platforms and search engines for employee acquisition. Using clever cross-channel campaigns, it targets active and passive candidates alike. In addition, digital recruiting helps promote your company as an employer of choice.

Next Level Toolbox

Next Level Toolbox

The successful implementation of digital strategies and methods requires the use of suitable methodologies and tools. NOVELDO has expertise in a variety of instruments.

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