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Digital Marketing and Sales

Be like a flower. Have the bees come to you. 

Better Marketing Means Better Sales

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your customers quit shopping around and came straight to you instead? And wouldn't it be wonderful if you never had to push one single cold call on a stranger again? Well, as the saying goes, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. This, in a nutshell, is the touchstone of our Digital Marketing and Sales strategies.

In Inbound Marketing, the proverbial honey comes from continuous search engine optimization, a strong social media presence and fascinating corporate content. As people become ever more savvy online buyers, it is crucial that you adapt your Digital Marketing and Sales strategies accordingly: You want to attract your customers by providing the information they need just when they need it. This will allow you to build strong, lasting relationships with your customers, old and new. 

In the digital age, marketing and sales can succeed only if they work hand in hand with one another. At NOVELDO, we develop your individual Digital Marketing and Sales strategy following a three-fold approach:

  1. We develop an Inbound Gameplan.
    We develop individual Inbound Strategies that place the customers' needs at the heart of all activities. We define goals and build the basis for powerful and successful Inbound Marketing.

  2. We build the Engine. 
    In partnership with you, we create content that guides potential customers through the Buyer's Journey. We configure the marketing software to make it your individual working instrument.

  3. We create Inbound Campaigns.
    We develop individual Inbound Campaigns that are geared towards the buyer personas' problems, questions and needs. We enable you to target the ideal customer.

The business world is dynamic – and so should be your marketing. Our Inbound Marketing retainer packages offer solutions tailored to your business model, lifecycle stage and individual needs. All packages include a dedicated Inbound Marketing manager, Inbound Strategy consulting, campaign and content planning as well as regular performance reviews.

Not Hassled. Hooked.

Uncovering the 5 Truths
Behind Your Unsuccessful B2B Sales

Cold calling is a nuisance – to the caller and even more to the customer. But customers don't want to be hassled, they want to be hooked. With the right marketing strategy, you can entice your prospects and intrigue your customers . Our free Inbound Marketing ebook will tell you how.


Retainer Packages

Starter Retainer Package

Our Starter Retainer Package strengthens your marketing strategy and/or concepts. It includes:

  • Inbound marketing consulting
  • Brand positioning and awareness guidance
  • Campaign planning
  • Regular strategy and reviews calls
  • Budget for individual requirements


Advanced Retainer Package

Our Advanced Retainer Package boosts your website traffic and reach. It includes:

  • Processes to increase website traffic and reach
  • Automated email marketing
  • Processes to generate marketing qualified leads
  • Full campaign management
  • Top-of-the-funnel support
  • Monthly strategy and review calls

Professional Retainer Package

Our Professional Retainer Package provides you with outstanding lead generation, nurturing and conversion. It includes:

  • Tools and tactics for lead generation, conversion and personalized nurturing
  • Lead management, incl. lead scoring strategy and hand over of prequalified leads to sales team or management
  • Support along the entire funnel
  • Bi-weekly strategy and review calls 




Enterprise Retainer Package

Our Enterprise Retainer Package leverages the full potential of Inbound Marketing to maximize your growth, scale your business and reinvent your sales process. It includes:

  • Complete Inbound Marketing and Sales machine
  • Full support, aggressive campaigns, fully integrated activities
  • Extensive premium content for your prospects
  • Sales and post-sales support
  • Comprehensive reporting and regular updates 




Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing makes your prospects come to you instead of you chasing after them. An agile inbound strategy tackles the challenges your business is facing.

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Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales is tailored around your buyers - what are their problems, needs and desires? Once you have the answers to these questions, you hold the magic key to successful Sales.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is key to successful Sales. Intrigue your prospects with high-quality content that is tailored to their needs and become a trusted source for advice and guidance.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation provides a unique customer experience, ensures high-quality support and builds stable long-term relationships with customers old and new.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing addresses your current and your potential customers on an individual basis and thus helps you to create visibility for your brand.

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Social Media Management

Never was it easier to share your story with the world. Social Media showcase your products and help your customers understand what your business is all about.

Website Design

Website Design is an integral part of all your brand building efforts. It's simply not enough to be visible - your brand needs to be visible in the right style.