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We enable businesses strategically and operationally to seize the opportunities of digitalization. We boost corporate competitiveness in two key areas: TEAM EMPOWERMENT and CUSTOMER DELIGHT.

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Changes in the Workplace

As the generation of Digital Natives enters the job market, HR departments are facing ever new possibilities and challenges. Younger generations join the corporate world with an entirely different set of capabilities and expectations, while digital tools keep opening up new ways of communication and collaboration. It becomes increasingly important to develop innovative strategies for the acquisition, development and retention of a multi-generation workforce.

How do I reduce e-mails and secure successful communication at the same time»
How can I cultivate a harmonious multi-generational workplace? »
How can I create infrastructures for the acquisition and sharing of knowledge? »
How do I recruit the best talent for my teams and business? »

Changes in the workplace

Changes in Buying Behavior 

More than anything else, the ongoing process of digitalization leads to fundamental changes in buying behavior. This sea change is affecting both B2C and B2B businesses, as all consumers alike have become used to frictionless digital buying experiences as well as excellent customer services. Businesses are increasingly forced to transform their traditional marketing and sales processes in order to meet the needs and expectations of the modern buyer.

How do I reach out to the informed B2B buyer with digital marketing? »
How do I optimize and automatize time-consuming sales processes? »
How do I develop digital services and strategies for customer retention? »

Customer voice

Customer Voice

"NOVELDO is everything you need as a partner for digital transformation. The team provides outstanding strategic advice and pragmatic implementation, while having an unmatched ability to deeply understand customer industries and develop scalable solutions. They truly take businesses to another level."

Thorsten Schmalenberg, Head of Sales, Müller – Die lila Logistik AG

Going Digital with NOVELDO

NOVELDO is the management consultancy that enables businesses to grow in constantly changing environments. We strive to make our customers more competitive by focusing on two key areas of opportunity: TEAM EMPOWERMENT and CUSTOMER DELIGHT. We help our customers grow by combining strategic know-how, creativity and passion for new technologies.


An open conversation can be the start of corporate change. We will listen closely and explain the ways in which digital change concerns your industry and business model. We offer a free consultation so you can get to know us before committing to NOVELDO.


 Together with the leadership, we identify the most pressing pain points and the most promising opportunities for your teams and customers. In interactive workshops with the project stakeholders, we assess the status quo and build a roadmap for your digital future.


Addressing strategic points, we work on your individual challenges and opportunities. In the post-implementation phase, we assess what we have achieved so far and deliver continuous optimization to make sure that you keep enjoying the best possible results.

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Find your ideal candidate using a data-driven and future-oriented process. Digital recruiting harnesses the analysis tools of the most popular digital advertising platforms for your employee acquisition. Intelligent, agile, scalable.

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