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Digitalization is not an end in itself.
Any digital strategy must focus on generating value for your business. Digital Business Transformation will take your business forward, Digital Marketing and Sales drive your revenue.

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Digital Readiness Assessment

Your competitors are investing in digitalization and so should you. Start by understanding the state of digitalization in your industry and asses your company's digital readiness.

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Digital Business Transformation

Your industry is constantly affected by disruption and change. Your future depends on your ability to evolve. Transform your business now to stay ahead of your competition.

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Digital Marketing and Digital Sales

Your company's growth is driven by your sales and your leads are driven by your marketing. Fuel them both with a strong and coherent Digital Sales and Marketing strategy. 

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The Why, What and How of Digitalization


Your business won’t survive without Digital Transformation nor without Digital Sales and Marketing. It’s an uncomfortable truth for some, but digitalization affects all industries. The good news is: Size doesn’t matter. Digitalization benefits all companies, both large and small. Read here how your company can get ready for the future.

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Successful digitalization changes the ways in which your entire company does business. It is primarily a business-driven endeavour and requires strong leadership as well as the cooperation of all your departments. Learn here what changes lie ahead of you and which departments you should involve in initiating change. 

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Digitalization needs courage, curiosity and vision. You need to challenge your company’s status quo, pioneer new ways of working and review your digital sales and marketing activities. Corporate transformation also requires the buy-in of your whole team. Follow these five essential steps and transform your business successfully.

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The world of finance is fast-paced and volatile. Markets can change and fortunes be lost in the blink of an eye. So much the better if you have a partner at your side who helps you count your chickens and hatch them, too. 


Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has faced many challenges over recent years, investment backlogs and consumer distrust among them. Use digital strategies to turn these challenges into opportunities – optimize your internal collaboration and offer your customers a new, digital experience.



Logistics makes the world go round. It concerns the global storage and distribution of products, persons, information, money. All of these flows of persons and goods can be streamlined with the right digital strategy.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering has always been the backbone of the German economy. It is, however, ever more difficult to succeed in the global marketplace. Digital Transformation, Sales and Marketing will help you claim your place, globally and locally.


Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, challenges come in many guises. Creating an effective and responsible product is no small task, true talent is few and far between and competition is huge. Good thing you needn't worry about your brand image: It'll be in the best hands.

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IT and SaaS

IT and SaaS are industries of ever-growing global importance. But with importance comes competition: Up-and-coming little fish in the industry's vast ocean might easily fall prey to their shark-like competitors. Make sure your company isn't one of them.


Service Providers

No industry is without competition, but service providers know this better than most. They have to stick out from a sea of competitors to stay in business. Digital Sales and Marketing can work miracles to help you float your boat.


Insurance Companies

The insurance industry is changing quickly. Insurers facing the challenge don't only have to fight disruptors. They also have to meet the increasing demand of innovative digital products such as on-demand insurance. Turn your people into digital experts and get ready for the future.